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We are a French language school located on the beautiful French Riviera and offer a wonderful way of learning French while enjoying a delightful holiday in France at very reasonable prices. Our name is France Langue & Culture.
We call this concept French language holidays and it basically comprises a morning language course leaving the remainder of the day for leisure and sports. The school offers a package that includes comfortable living accommodations, most a short walk to the beach, and a Children's Club with activities for the youngsters while the parents are in class. We also organize school excursions to fascinating and interesting places. Specializing in courses in the French language the school offers a full curriculum for individuals and families each according to their capacity and needs.

Since the school was founded in 1977 thousands of youngsters and adults from all over the world have attended our language courses. The headmaster or le directeur, is Edmond de Saenger, a tall, charming French Professor with the moustache of an Imperial Guardsman who has been a lecturer in French economics at Stockholm University. He created the French language holiday concept so that the language is taught in small groups in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere in light and airy classrooms in a modern educational facility.
This French language school provides a window into France that the tourist seldom sees. It offers a view into French life and customs with the purpose of creating language fluency as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of courses from beginner's lessons up to intensive courses for professionals with reasonably priced living accommodations as part of the course package. You can join your classmates and teachers at lunch in a local restaurant and choose among many optional recreational and academic activities.

On the first day of attendance you will be required to take a short, written test to determine your knowledge of French. There are five levels, all from beginner to university status. If required you may switch groups during the first two days of your arrival in case you need to find a more suitable learning level.
Above you can see our talented French instructors, from left Amandine, Carole, Sandra, Georges, Laurence, Francis, Claude and Nathalie.
You may choose between seven different courses

Teaching Methods
Our instructors are native speakers and certified teachers. A number of them teach abroad during the academic year. All have a considerable experience in teaching French as a foreign language.
Our goal is to create a lively classroom environment through the active participation of the students by prioritizing verbal skills. We teach you to communicate in French as rapidly as possible through role playing, verbal presentations and practical conversation.
Although the student is encouraged to speak as much as possible, we do not neglect reading, grammar or enunciation. The teacher listens and corrects.
Teaching Methods


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France Langue & Culture c/o v. Saenger,
37 bis av. de Brancolar, 06100 Nice, France
Phone (+33) 612 88 78 95 (from June 7 to August 4)  Fax (+33) 494 40 57 10 (from June 7 to August 4)  Permanent office: Tel/Fax (+46) 8 35 06 98

More Information:

Fax or E-mail to info@frenchlanguageholidays.com
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