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Année scolaire : boarding school

Learning French a the Full boarding school of Tersac has the benefits of :

  • Specialist teachers trained at the University Michel Montaigne in Bordeaux
  • Small groups of students (maximum 12)
  • A special work environment in the touristic region of Bordeaux
  • Easy access by air, train from Paris and Bordeaux
  • Many cultural and leisure activities (sports, cultural visits, excursions / Paris –Euro Disney)

The training :
A minimum of 20 hours of teaching per week, course in present day French taught through the communicative method (oral and written French).
The course is validated by a certificate of successful completion.

The baccalaureat :
This is the only qualification required to enter French Univertisties. It provides a rigourous academic preparation and is internationally recognized.
The « baccalaureat » encourages you to think critically, research independtly and to develop ideas and judgements.
As soon as you have reached a good level in French you may join « A level » students.

Summer school :
Enjoy spending time in France in the summer and improving your French at the same time. The summer school at Tersac runs for two, three or four weeks during July and August each year.

Attend French classes in the mornings and envoy shopping, sports and visits to places of interest such as Paris, Euro Disney, the seaside in the afternoons and on Saturdays.