Why should you choose PCI ?

By trusting PCI to provide you with language and cultural training, you gain so much more than just a tutor. As an expert language and training institute, we provide a wide range of language courses, business skills and cultural training workshops. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of training tailored to your own unique needs.

Why should you choose PCI?
* Unique Made to Measure system of language training and business communication skills courses in over 30 languages
* Teaching formats include, one-to-one, group, intensive, immersion & on-line
* Teaching in-company or at residential schools in The Netherlands and U.K
* Qualified native-speaker trainers using the most up-to-date teaching methods
* ISO 9001 certified for quality, reliability and consistency
Since 1989 PCI has been providing 'Made to Measure' language, business skills and cultural training for students at all levels and including students, businesses, expatriates and their families and educational and governmental institutions.

Made to Measure Languages Adaptability is our key strength and PCI makes it possible for you to study how you like, when you like and where you like. Our courses are also characterised by a practical and results-oriented focus. We provide made to measure languages.

Our qualified and highly experienced trainers are mostly native speakers and, besides text and workbooks, we use the most modern educational methods such as CDs, videos, DVDs, simulation and role-playing, and interactive computer programmes. We also offer language courses at locations in England.


PCI is at the forefront of language education.
In an exciting development, we are also able
to offer e-learning software, online language studies
and distance learning. In addition, new teaching
methods are frequently developed to cater precisely
to the needs of a specific course, student and company.

Made to Measure Business Communications We know that language training doesn’t stop in the classroom or with the textbooks. Today’s successful professionals need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of business situations.

We therefore also offer a wide range of customised programmes focusing on the development of Communication Skills from a practical perspective.
Made to Measure Expat Courses PCI have also developed a number of courses for Expats and their families on how to adjust both from a social and professional perspective to the new Dutch environment they have found themselves in. We can also offer individual coaching programmes for Expats and their family members on Cultural Awareness, Communications Skills and Career Management.


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